What is the make/model of the boat?  Power scow.

How tall is the wheelhouse?  28’.

Where is the boat registered?  Registered in Juneau AK at time of purchase (taxes are less expensive) Originally purchased/built for $1.3 million The Hillstrand brothers bought it from their Dad for $2.3 million 1991.

Why is the boat called Time Bandit?  Mr. Hillstrand named the boat after the movie Time Bandit “sea steals your time”.

What kind of props does the boat have?  Twin props - Two 58 x 56 stainless steel props.

What type of hydraulics does the boat use?  Two 175kw auxiliaries in the engine room are keel cooled. They are the main auxiliary for the boat they run everything. The 40kw generator up forward will only run most of the boat not all of it, it is for when we go dry at the docks or wherever we are so we can have electricity, (emergency back-up that is self contained in case of failure of the main system.

What kind of launcher does the boat use? Marco crab pot launcher.

What is the boat’s maintenance schedule?  Maintenance is “scheduled” and also performed on an “as-needed” basis. Neal, as the Engineer, performs most of the maintenance and repairs along with Mike and Eddie.

What are some recent boat improvements?  Bulbous bow added in 2008. 1/2” added thickness reduces drag improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel costs; helps bow to ride above the ice which  chances of damaging the hull.

What is the hull made of?  5/16” steel. Front plate is 3/4” and under the engine room is 1/2” steel .

What kind of crane do you use?  Seattle crane 10 ton 40’ knuckle boom.

What type of coiler is used?  Marco King coiler.

Which pumps does the Time Bandit use?  5,000 gallon Flomax pumps.

What type of deck lights are used?  1,000 watt sodium lights - 3 in the front and 6 in the back.

What is the boat’s unladen weight?  298,000 gross tons.

Communication – what types of radios and telephones are used?  Satellite phone; single side band MHz; 2 FHV standard radios; loud hailer. Do you have internet access? Email only.

What other types of devices are used?  Fish finders, GPS. GPS Gyros for autopilot steering; COM NAV 5001 auto pilot (utilizes GPS satellite information for steering); ECC system to mark pots, plot compass course and auto pilot. Simrad depth finder (color sounder).

What is the average length of shot and what type of line is used?  33 fathom (poly) line that floats and 33 fathom sinking shot (nylon). Poly line closest to the pot that ties to the bridal then the sinking shot is tied to the buoys.

How many buoys are used? What is the significance of the numbers on the buoys?  Time Bandit uses a two buoy system (diver and trailer bag) 40’ of line between the two; Alaska Fish & Game designates the diver bag numbers. ADFG65577 is Time Bandit’s designated number and is painted on the top 1/3 of the diver buoy. Time Bandit adds a “clock” symbol to its diver buoy for additional identification.

How many holds are there?  3; capacity of each – 25,000 lbs front; 50,000 pounds middle; 100000 pounds back. How do you decide which one is filled first and then unloaded? The rear hold is loaded first for stability. The last hold loaded is the first one unloaded in order to keep the bow down allowing the sump pump to operate.

What are the requirements to captain a commercial crab boat?  If someone owns a boat they are not required to have a Captain’s License. If they don’t, they are required to obtain a Captain’s license.

How is the crew paid?  The Deck (crew) get 30% of the net profit (net is gross profit less bait, fuel and food). All deckhands are full share on the Time Bandit unless they are Greenhorns. With a 5-man crew each crew member receives 6% of net; 6-man crew, each crew member receives 5% of net. Greenhorns receive from 1% to 3% of net. The Hillstrand brothers make this decision.

Cook - Have you ever had or considered a female for this job?  NO- Neal, Andy, JJ and Eddie are very good cooks.

If a crew member is injured during a season and can’t finish, how much do they get paid?  Full share and a maintenance fee.

Is Workers Compensation insurance or any alternative insurance offered to the crew?  Each crew member is covered under a Personal Indemnity (P&I) policy at the rate of $5 million per crew member. The boat owner pays the premium.

Is CPR required for all aboard?  One person per boat is required to have a CPR card. Each boat is also required to have at least one trained survival drill instructor. Drills are conducted each season and each boat is required to complete a monthly log showing compliance with the requirement.

Does the Time Bandit have to be registered or make application each year to fish?  Yes.

I there any special maintenance involved with the sauna?  No – just add water and turn it on.

Where does your water come from and where does it go?  Water used on the boat for drinking, cooking, showering, toilet, etc. There are two 2500 gallon water tanks. While at dock, fresh water is transferred from the cannery to the boats.

Where do the crew sleep and how many can the boat hold?  Sleeps up to 10. The portholes along the side of the boat are where the crew staterooms are located.

Where do the Captain’s sleep?  Captain’s stateroom is located in the cabin behind the wheelhouse.

Who cleans?  Everybody.

Do all the Captains and crew shop for food each season?  Yes Where do you usually shop? Homer. Do you restock when you come into port to offload? Yes, mainly for perishables.

What additional amenities does the boat have?  The boat has a microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer.

How many bathrooms?  2.

What is the boat’s color scheme?  Time Bandit has always been black and white; the Jolly Roger was added in 2008.

How often is the Time Bandit painted and why?  Yearly; rust